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sent by Bob Wintle


WINTLE (War Diary Notes) -


Commissioned 10 Jul 1943 at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Lieutenant Commander L. S. Bailey, USNR, in command.

Shift to San Francisco on 21 July 1943 - degaussing range - firing runs (structural) calibration runs and trial speed runs in next three days. On 27th underway from S. F. to San Diego (28 July - shakedown operations and back to Mare Island Navy Yard (19 Aug - 30 Aug) to S.F. (Actually to North Pier Treasure Island) - 21 Sep) out to sea with TF 56.4 - convoy to Pearl Harbor (30 September- 8 Oct) with convoy to Farallon Islands (17 October -North Pier Treasure Island, California - Escort Division 26 - 19 October) out to sea with convoy for PEARL HARBOR (25 Oct 1943 - battle practice- 30 Oct) - with USS Breton, TG of TF 19 bound to Nandi Harbor, Vitu Levu Island (9 Nov - 14 Nov) escorting USS NASHANIC to Funafuti Harbor (17 Nov-19 Nov) escorting USS TALLULAH to point for fuel ops and back to Funafuti Harbor of Ellice Islands (21 Nov - 22 Nov) A. S. Patrol with DE 28 and SC-1313 off entrance to Funafuti Harbor until 23 Nov - 27 Nov) away with DE 28 escorting TALLULLAH, SCKUYKILL and SUAMICO (a tanker task group 16.18.4) - Diary opening on 1 Dec says she is flag of escort Div 26 assigned to CINCPAC and CDrDEsPacFleet and thence to CDE TF 16 - is escorting TU 16.10.4 a task unit of fleet oilers SCHUYKILL (AO 76), SWAMICO (AO 49) and TALLAUH (AO 50) with additional escort EMERY (DE 28) - Task unit to per in certain predesignated areas as directed to carry out fueling for "Galvanic Operations" Morning of 1 Dec in fuel area "Beech" rendezvous with another fleet oilier unit 16.10.3 ln 01.44.5 N; 173-46’ East proceed in direction of fueling area reached on 2 Dec 1943 (.3 is NEOSHO (AO 48), NESHANIC (AO 71) and NECHES (AO 47) escorted by DUFFY (DE 27) and CAVANA (DE 260) all part of escort Div 26 At 1401 of 4 Dec sight TG 53. Fueling exercises with CVEs commence immediatly. On 5 Dec fuel battleships USS MASSECHUESTIS ( BB 59), USS North Carolina (BB 55) and USS Indiana (BB 58) along with DDS Brown (DD 546), BRADFORD (DD 545) and BOYD (DD 544) and COWELL (DD 547) On 6 Dec BUNKER HILL (CV 17) MONTEREY (CVL 26) WASHINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA, SOUTH DAKODA, MASSACHUSETS, plus many DD’s On 8 Dec 43 set course for general direction of Funafuti, Ellice Islands (9 Dec 1943- 12 DEC) and on to PEARL HARBOR - T. G. dissolved at sea on 20 Dec and rep to SerfForPac for further orders onto P.H. (21 Dec and on 25th ComEscortDiv 26 shifts flag from WINTLE to DUFFY (DE 27) - The div is assigned on 29 Dec for temp operations to Commander Sub. training Command of Pac Fleet - this cancelled - battle practice in Hawaiian area. On 3 Jan maneuvers in for fuel exercises. DEMPSEY came alongside, made fast to tow line and 1000 gallons of fuel transferred. At 1835 DEMPSEY (DE 26) was preparing to leave when suddenly she rammed WINTLE with her anchor, ripped WINTLE’s starboard side from the deck of the lower platform level to the deck of the main deck at frame #40, breaking her(WINTLE’s) degaussing coil and return steam line. Two men of WINTLE thrown out of bunks at that spot but none injured - confusion followed, DEMPSEY in haste to change the general heading of herself away from WINTLE, swerved sharply and threw her stern against that of WINTLE, and crushed WINTLE’s propeller guard up against the hu11. DEMPSEY also carried away WINTLE’s fueling hose, breaking it at the connection, chopped the tow line free and carried away all other lines. Fair sea running, and WINTLE immediately took appropriate damage control as possible, stuffing three mattresses in the aperture and shoring it to

make as watertight as possible. Made 10 knots later and took small amount of water - entered P.H. at 0328 of 4 Jan for repairs.


WINTLE (DE 25) War Diary notes - PAGE TWO)

On 11 Jan 1944, WINTLE stands out with EMERY (DE 28) for sound exercises - calibrate magnetic compass instead and returns to port on 12 assigned to ComAir Pac for ops from 12 -17 Jan 1944 -training exercises with CVE’s and DD’s TG 52.9 which is REAR Admiral -Ralph Davidson, USM in MANILA BAY (CVE 61) with four other CVE’s and DD of DesDiv 94 - This completed on 18-Jan and on 21 Jan assigned for forthcoming "Flintlock" operation to Fifth Amphib For duty in 5th Fleet Aug by Cen PacForc and assigned to Cdr Joint Expeditionary Force-and operations with Majuro Defense Group (TG 51.8) - four LSTs ($’), 84, 276 277) plus WINTLE. Cdr of Tg 51.8 is Lieutenant Cdr. Sam A. Lief, USNR, in LST-480 - 21 Jan) leave PEARL HARBOR and arrive at Majuro to report to Dcr Majura Attack Group. Entered Majura Lagoon on 1 February - A. S. patrol after forces encountered no opposition in occupying the Atoll as the Japanese had left some 14 months previous - Early morning of 2 Feb Commander RICHETTS aboard with charts and discuss system to be used in getting ships safely in harbor. Decided that ships having been in harbor once, need only be supplied with charts that would be passed to them by heaving line prior to entrance; others would be led through entrance by WINTLE and just inside supplied them with pilots and charts. Plan worked very well -

This duty carried only on 2 Feb 1944 - Morn of 3 Feb to sea in escort of CALIENTE (AO 53) off Funafuti and Back to Majuro Harbor on morn of 4 Feb A. S. Patrol till 9 Feb then to Roi Island with SANGAY (AE 10) - reach there on 10 Feb and away same day for Pearl Harbor (23 Feb 1944- ASW -With STADTFELD (DE 29) escort Or three ships two transports and SS LOUIS PASTSUR which depart PEARL HARBOR on 2 March for the Gilbert Islands. While enroute on 7 March 1944, around 9-09’ N; 174.46’ West STADTFELD (DE 29) works over submarine and shock of underwater explosion nearby followed by appearance of some oil on surface within 200 yards of scene of last attack - lost contact -KENMORE (APA 162) and SS LOUIS PASTEUR break off from main body for Tarawa for escort by STADTFELD (about 50 miles from Tarawa) and WINTLE (DE 25) heads for Apaname - where arrives 11 Mar - Stadefield joins - DEGREASE (AP 164) could not enter because of excessive draft and disembarked troops before nightfall - Statfeld rejoins WINTLE during late morn of 11 March and they patrol in immediate vicinity of Apamama Atoll for balance of night and into next morn await onward instructions - finally away afternoon of 12 mar for Funafuti and thence to Lunga Point, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands where arrives afternoon of 18 March and reported for duty to Third Fleet (CTF 31 - to Purvis Bay for fuel on 21 March - voyage repairs and away on 30 March for render in Renard Sound, Banika Island, Russell Islands with Tu of ADHARA (AK 71) and two LSTs out of Souty Pass for Emirau Island, Admiralty Group joined by ANTHONY (DD 515) and PC-584 plus two 1st and CARINE (AK 74) and PAWNEE (AT 74) - on 2 Apr picked up with TU off Green Island as planned and TG 31.6 - at 1838 a B-24 Army bomber obviously in distress flew across and parachutes bail out to land close as possible for rescue - various shins rescue entire crew of nine - Reach Emirau Island, Admiralty Group at 0750 of 4 Apr 1944 and immediately all LST’s and cargo ships unload - Away on 10 Apr with two cargo ships for Guadalcanal (14 Apr 1944- fuels at Port Purvis and struggles to speed to take aboard all necessary supplies - before leaving on 15 April with cargo and LSTs joined by other ships on the way to Emirau Island where arrived on 20 Apr - As patrol to 1 May 1944 when away for Guadalcanal. Reach Purvis Bay on

5 May 1944. Takes on Diesel and lube oil, followed by voyage to repairs at Espiritu Santo, gunnery and ASW exercises with USS S-31 and A.S. patrol out of naval base at Mulagi.


WINTLE (DE 25) War Diary Notes - PAGE THREE:

Sonar travelling instructor from staff of Representative Command DesPac aboard for five days 1-5 June -great aid in perfecting ships training program and sound organization. - Depart Guadalcanal on 9 June for rendezvous with AGAWAM (AOG 6) escorts her to EMiarau Island (12 June 1944 and back into Purvis Bay on 16 June - On 21st away to escort RIO GRANDE (AGO-3 to Seeadler Harbor , Admiralty Islands - Reach Manuson 24 June and back to Purvis Bay on 29 June 1944 - repairs - on morn of 6 July away with

EMERY (DE 28 for ASW with "Tame submarine"" S-43 - local patrol under orders of Commander Naval Base, Southern, Solomons - largely escorting single merchant ships this includes more duty to Emarau Island and as far away as Manus Island - Seeadler Harbor where arrived from Emirau on 19 Sep 1944 then out morn of 22 Sep for Kossol Passage in Palau Islands escprt :ASSEM (AK 3) - reach Kossos Passage on 25 Sep - patrols there in company with TRIUMP (AM 323) - then away on 25th to Peleliu Islands and onward to Seeadler harbor Where arrives on 5 Oct - tender avail by PIEDMONT (AD 17) "Supplies are very difficult and in some cases impossible to obtain in this port" - Back in Kossol Passage on 15 October escorts AK and move to Anguar Island, Palau Group - where arrives 18 Aug -screen duties in various sectors to 28 Oct when rendevous with SS CAPE STEVENS for escort into Kossol Passage - thence to screen of Peleliu by daylight of 31 October - Back to Kossos Passage for fuel on 2 Oct and away that night for onward routing Pel. On 10 Nov proceed to area off Denges Passage, Palau Islands to relieve USS BUCHANAN and star shells over Denges Passage and Ngeregoug Island to provide illumination for infantry Landing Craft patrolling close in to the island . Concentration of enemy troops noticed there the day before and believed they might attempt to reinforce the Peleliu defenders - 35 rounds of 50inch expended

Two days later left station to assist–C-1260 who had been rammed by i. KENMORE (AK 221) in adjacent patrol sector. no casualties =-d PC towed by YMS-38 to beach - reports findings after sending two officers. 13 Nov repairs to evaporator and into Kossol Passage on 15 Nov 1944 thence to Ulithi Atoll on 16th for tender repair by . CASCADE (AD 16) including rudder repairs by HECTOR (AR-7) and drudpcl repairs on ARD-15 . Away on 27 Nov - hears heaving pounding under ship- ? believed to be starboard bilge keel torn lose from hull pounding stopped in thirty minutes and bilge keel 408 to be bent backwards and trailing out board. Arrived in Guam at 0925 3 of 28 Nov (Apra Harbor repairs and shift to Saipan on 30 Nov 1944 for duty with Saipan $ Patrol and escort group (TU 94.7.2 - patrols various sectors in Marianas and escort chiefly bet Saipan and Guam - OLL 24 Dec 1944 bilge keep partially ripped red away - repaired at Saipan _ Night of 25 Dec se. attack directed art Army Air Force installations on Saipan by about 24 Japanese planes - several shot down by combined gunfire - bilge keel removed on 26th and out to sea that night On Morn of 27 Dec 1944, at 0723 observe A B-29 aircraft crash into sea off Nafutan Point - speeds to scene of crash, pick up three men , all require medical attention. transfer survivors to harbor patrol boat at harbor entrance off to hospital. Then rendezvous with SAWFISH (SS276) to escort her to dispersal point northwest of Saipan (all on 27th) - more e screen duties in various sectors of Saipan Patrol and escort Group



As of 1 Jan 1945 still attached to Destroyer Escort Division twenty-six assigned to CINC Pac Fleet, Cdr Des, Pac Fleet, thence to ComTaskF 94 (Commander Forward Area, Central Pacific, Vice Admiral JO Ho HOOVER USN) for duty with oper control of TU 94.7.2 (Commander Saipan Patrol and Escort Force under Commander R. Brodie, Jr., USN). patrol in various sectors ad directed out of Saipan anchorage (Tanapag Harbor - Away from Apra Harbor. Of Guam on 3 January with convoy for Eniwetok and back to Apra Harbor on

January to continue patrol Second d Guam-Eniwetok convoy (10 Jan-21 Jan) dates are "round trip" In Apra Harbor on 22 Jar. 1945, ComEscortDiv 26 shifts flag to WINTLE from MARTIN (DE-30) -works under Commander G. F. Adams, USNR who is ComEscortDiv 26 as well As Commander Patro1 and Escort Force Guam (ComTu 94.7.1) Adams relieved of Tu commander duties on 31 Jan 45 by ComDesDiv 8 (Car F. Gliem, Jr., USNR) in USS ROE (DD 418). On 5 Feb Escort Div rep to Marshall-Gilbert Escort Force (TF 96), charged with providing escorts for all shipping from Marshall-Gilbert sub area onward to Forward Area, Central Pacific; Actually, on 10 Feb 1945 WINTLE arrives in Eniwetok from Guam and reports for the duty mentioned - continues in this capacity to be largely engaged in escort of convoys bet Eniwetok, Marshall Islands and Apra Harbor, Guam Marianas Islands subsequent duties include air-Sea Rescue and Anti-Submarine marine ready duty ship while anchored at Kwajalein Atoll -Away or 1 Apr for Wotje Atoll as part of surface unit of’ Hunter-Killer operation. A transport plane pilot had reported sighting a sub inside Wotje- Atoll - - no submarine found On 2 Apr - so gunnery practices using objects on shore such as small beached launch, That night Hunter Killer mission over and she approached Wotje Island for shore bombardment exercises and first on group of buildings at base of two radio towers at 1833 shift fire to pair of. prominent oil tanks -.with 12 rounds. at 1837 having ceased fire, two shots returned by a shore battery and fell short, flashes of guns indicate battery at base of north radio tower - alters course to gain range and pumps 51 rounds of 3-inch . 5’ into that point. At 1853 observed a flash on beach a mile north of radio towers and shortly a shot fell 200 yards short of WINTLE - away from danger as at 1854 another flash from same point and one or two shots land in wake directly astern - darkness rapidly setting in and action broken of for Kwajalein Atoll - 105 rounds had been fired in main battery - enemy batteries on Wotje estimated to be 4 or 5 -inch guns. On 11 Apr 1945 searched for midget sub reported to have been sighted in Kwajalein lagoon patrols one mile south of hydrophone line of off Meck Island for listening sonar watch through next day but no luck, On 28 April 1945 acted as air rescue ship in covering air strikes a against Mili and Jaluit Atolls - , ditto on 29 April - no persons to rescue. On 3 May 1945 identical service for Wotje and on 5 May away for Jaluit Atoll to evacuate as many natives as possible, possibly 1200 living there living under bad conditions due to lack of sufficient food, medical supplies lies and mistreatment by Japanese. Patrols for actual evacuation carried out by LCIs’ 479, 481, 482, 392 and 439 who took stations at points around atoll night of. 5 May send native scout parties ashore to alert natives and lead then out over reefs to LCI’s at day break. YMS-354 is fire support ship off western side and WINTLE with A-toll Co Commander Majuro, Captain H. B. Crow, USNR, on board on eastern side as fire support ship. - 1900 of 5 May arrived off northern tip, remaining well out of visual range from beach to avoid alerting Japanese in after dark to three miles and stationed 200 yards off reefs of Nalmej Island during remainder of night patrol, seven miles off Nalmej Island


WINTLE (33 25) War Diary Notes - PAGE FIVE

At 0545 of 6 May sight flashing light signal from native scout indicating mission. complete and all was wall . patrolled up and down the islands 200200-500 yards off reef with seeing signs of life - LCI’s 439 and 482 report negative results - 0700 receive word Atha natives coming out on reefs on Western side of atoll, and shifted there - At 1212 lowered the boat to transfer a wounded deaf officer from LCI-481 to PBY plane. he had been wounded by machine gun fire from Medjai Island and died during the transfer. at 1230 sighted several natives signal from Ngain Island and LCI 479 directed to take them while WINTLE COVERS. 33 natives taken of’ with incident, they report here we about a dozen Japanese on the island who had pinned them down during the early morn but who fled into hiding on approach of the ships A, 1313 all natives taken off Ngain Island strafed with 29 rounds of 3-inch . .50.. At 1445 set course for Majuro - 494 natives taken of off Jaluit Atoll in oper and from m them found Japanese anticipated evacuation attempts because of knowledge they received from a canoe which journeyed from Illie Atoll and report similar operations on that group of Islands. As result, Japanese moved a great many able bodied natives to the larger and better defended islands of Jaluit Atoll where they can be kept under close guard. (Alex. Leipper LCDR USNR is commanding (Note. On 23 Feb 1945 Commander Leonard Scott Bailey USNR was relieved of command by Lieutenant Alexander Leipper USNR )

On 13 May depart Eniwetok Lagoon to escort SS EVANGELINE and SS SEA STURGEON to Kossol Passage in Palau Islands (18 May) then on to Ulithi (20 May -25 May) out with battle-damaged HAZELWOOD (DO 531) and RATHBURN (APD-25) for escort to Eniwetok for- onward routing Reach Eniwetok on 29 May -continues duties. C.. 17 June one of two escort ships furnished by Car Marshall -Gilberts Area (the other was LEVY (DE 102) as Fart of ASW ships station south of aerial patrol line between or. shipping lanes leading west from Eniwetok to the Marianas and the Palau Islands. Intelligence estate that enemy planed sub attacks in these lards - arrived on patrol station at 1430 of 18 Jane and at 0 913 of:’ 21 Jun 1945 receive word that ENDYMION (ARL-9) had been torpedeoed 12-41 N. 150-30 = (:had ha-gored at 0755 the same morning) set course for scene but informed on way by ATR-33 she had negative search and ENDYMION underway toward ENIWETOK. Scene of action reached at 1726 a. 1 with GEORGE E. BADGER (APD 33) , ‘left the scene for Eniwetok - continues patrol , As of 1 Jul 1945 she is still flagship of Escort Div 26 under Commander C-. F. ADAMS USNR - that morning way from Eniwetok to rendevous with KASAAN BAY 7 (CVE 69) then to act as screen commander for the carrier con] ASW patrol along the convoy routs bet Eniwetok and Marianas - - Joins at right fall but on 2 July Commander J. A. Cix, USNR - transfers the pennant of (ComEscortDiv 53) transfers his flag to ROBERTS (DE 749) so this flagship is brief in service - the Tg is KASAAN BAY plus ; WINTLE (DE 25), ROBERTS (DE 749) HEMMINGER (D 746) and TILLS (DE 748). WINTLE was relieved on 3 July by. SNYDER ( DE 745 ) and independently into Eniwetok Lagoon to fuel from YOG-82 preparatory to leaving with div for Pearl Harbor and on to states. Depart Eniwetok on 12 Jul 1-,45 and reach PEARL HARBOR 19-19 Jul then on to San Francisco ComEscort Div 26 on boa-d WINTLE (DE-25) OTC in command (Actually in company with only DUFFY (DE 27) on way from PEARL HARBOR to S. F. where arrive on 26 July 1945 Passed under Golden Gato Bridge at 100, having completed a 23-month tour of" duty beyond continental limits of U. S. Majority of men attached to


WINTLE (DE 25) War Diary Notes - PAGE SIX

ship were on board for the entire period without opportunity for leave and very limited liberty on shore at the various island bases. During the period at sea WINTLE participated in the Major Campaigns of the occupation of the Gilberts the occupation of the Marshalls and the occupation of Peleleau besides many other duties in the Southwest and Western Pacific. At 1020 of 26 July proceed to Mare island Navy Yard to unload ammo then into the Hunters Point Naval Drydocks San Francisco on 27 July 1945 for extensive alterations and repairs. Late in afternoon of 15 Aug official word of unconditional surrender of Japanese government received and heralded by blowing of all sirens and whistles in yard and all workmen left shift for a two-day holiday -

When ret on 18 Aug all work stopped except necessary to make her watertight so she could be taken out of drydock. CNO dispatch 161748 of Aug 1945 placed her in C category ( all work suspended class pending further instructions.

Finally on 22 Aug complete all repairs to make ship safe and habitable and still on low priority as of 31 Aug 1945. 13 Sep ordered by oml2 to reduce personnel to 2/3 compliment

18 Sep on basis of large number of completed repairs and al alters recommendation by Sub Board of Inspection and Survey of ND on 18 Sep recommended she be scrapped On 21 Sep 1945 received orders for decommissioning

On 22 Oct 1945 Lieutenant Commander Alexander LEIPPER USNR, relieved by Bulow W. Dysart USNR

31 Oct–End of Diary - total men on board 66, officers eight- Decommissioned on 15 Nov1945.

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